Best Head Torch for Night Fishing

If you’re a fan of fishing, not just in the day time but also at night, you’ll probably be in search of the best head torch for night fishing. This is a must-have item if you want to fish effectively at night. You don't want to stagger over rocks for hours and probably not catch anything or constantly be searching for your fishing tackle and not find it.

In the market today, there are various head torches in the market, but it’s important to note a few things to help you determine which one to buy and, therefore, which is the best head torch for night fishing for you. Some of the key factors worth considering should include the burn time, the price, does it come with a USB rechargeable battery and how water resistant is it?

Best Head Torch for Night Fishing, Best Head Torch

The aim sometimes when out carp fishing or on the hunt for some Sea Trout is to reduce the amount of light hitting the water directly. However, to avoid falling flat while stumbling across wet rocks and tangled fishing tackles,  having a decent head torch with you is a must. But how do you decide what's best for you? With the huge amount of options available – from headlamps with halogen, LED bulb clusters, incandescent bulbs and single LEDs with red lights – the list goes on.

Prior to looking at how to choose the best head torch for night fishing, let's identify some of the top recommended torches and look at what they do well.

Ledlenser SEO7R-BL Rechargeable LED Head Torch

Best Head Torch for Night Fishing, Best Head TorchLedlenser is here with a powerful rechargeable LED head torch, ideal for carp fishing. This head torch (available with Amazon and Go Outdoors) comes with a rechargeable lithium 1 battery system that lasts up to 20 hours. This gadget is designed in such a way as to improve performance and enhance your experience.

The world is going green, and with the recent concerns posed by climate change, it has become necessary for people to find greener and better ways to solve problems. Ledlenser has joined the race to go green with this rechargeable LED head torch. Not many head torches are environmentally friendly, but the Ledlenser LED head torch is intentionally designed with environmentally friendly technology that makes it eco-friendly.

The design of the rechargeable head torch is very sleek. You’ll definitely feel good and enjoy wearing your head torch. It comes with an elastic and durable headband that allows you easily strap the headlight to firmly. The headband is also washable and replaceable in case it gets dirty or spoilt.

If you’re looking for something that also looks good, then this head torch is just for you. It comes in different colours, including blue and white. You’ll probably be using your torch at night and you’ll want people to be able to see you properly. Well, this head torch comes with a casing that glows. Apart from all these wonderful design features, you’ll instantly realise the weightlessness of this head torch the moment you put it on. With a weight of 93g, it is the most lightweight head torch on this list and pretty much guarantees you a convenient fishing experience.

Are you looking for something that will brighten up your world? This head torch will do just that. With its two LED lamps and its advanced focal point system optics, you can be sure of sufficient illumination for your night activity. Its patented reflector and lens combination makes its beam range stretch up to 130m. It also comes with a glare-free red light for night vision.

Today, almost all gadgets are smart and the Ledlenser rechargeable head torch is not left out. This torch has a smart light technology that allows you to know when the power is on and when the battery is low with a coloured signal light.

Released in mid-2014, the head torch can be found on Amazon. Although it may seem comparatively expensive, factoring in all the features stated above, this could easily be your best head torch for night fishing. So when it’s dark, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of fishing with the Ledlenser rechargeable LED head torch.

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Nitecore HC33 L-Shape LED Head Torch

Best Head Torch for Night Fishing, Best Head TorchAlmost like a gadget from a James Bond movie, this head torch has almost everything you want in a head torch. Nitecore products tend to be superior to their counterparts, and this head torch is no exception, with its high build quality and cool features – described in detail by these user reviews online.

Many torches come with a battery of fewer than 4 amps output, and because of this, the batteries don't last long. But with the Nitecore LED head torch, it’s different. This torch has a battery output of 8+ amperes continuous output, that allows it to last as long as 16 hours 30 minutes.

The Nitecore HC33 is a high-performance L-shaped lamp with a lot of features. One feature that makes it stand out amongst the crowd is the XHP35 LED light that can reach up to an awesome lumen average of 1800 lumens. This feature helps illuminate your surroundings drastically and casts a shadow on other head torch competitions. It also makes it the brightest head torch for fishing on this list.

To control the illumination, the head torch comes with a button that gives you access to 5 brightness levels as well as three special modes. With its illumination power, this torch has an integrated precision optics technology that provides a super reflector performance allowing a beam range of up to 187 meters. It’s definitely superb for any form of late-night exploration.

This head torch is also designed with sturdy and comfortable head straps that can be worn on a helmet or directly on your head. The lamp can be angled to suit your needs, whether you need light up, down, or just straight ahead.

The Nitecore HC33 is also intended to serve two purposes. Apart from being an exploration head torch, the headlamp can be removed from the head straps and be used as a handheld torch, while still maintaining all its amazing head torch features. This comes in handy especially if you need more lighting focus that cannot be gotten with the head torch strapped to your head. Additionally, the torch comes with a magnetic base that allows you to stick the light to any metal surface for more convenience. This is indeed the gadget for real men and women.

It's had to forget the waterproof feature of this head torch. For many people who love night fishing, this feature will really come in handy. The Nitecore HC33 head torch comes with waterproof technology that protects it from unwanted water.

The durability of this torch is also special. It is made with a toughened, ultra-clear mineral glass with a reflective coating. It is also constructed from an aero-grade aluminium alloy with a military-grade anodized finish. This gives an impact resistance of 1.5 meters. Doesn’t it sound like something from a spy movie? Yes, this torch has it all.

This head torch is recommended for you if you love to work outdoors, trek, or fish at night, and you want something really light and strong.

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Petzl Reactik+ Smart Trekking Head Torch

Best Head Torch for Night Fishing, Best Head TorchAre you looking for something sleek and stylish? Then this head torch is just for you. The Petzl Reactik+ head torch (available from Amazon and Go Outdoors) is well suited for night fishing and various other purposes. Although the design comes in only black colour, like many of the other torches in the Petzl range, it has a sophisticated feel, with a lightweight of 115g. It has a comfortable patented Petzl head strap that is washable.

Storing your head torch couldn't be any easier than with the Petzl head torch’s compact design. If you are a fan of night fishing, you should try out the Petzl head torch. While fishing water might splash on your head torch, with its waterproof technology, this head torch has a high level of splash resistance, allowing you comfortably fish without worries.

If you’re someone like me, you may often accidentally switch on your head torch. But the Petzl head torch takes care of this problem. With its locking mechanism feature, you can always lock your head torch permanently until you want to use it to avoid accidentally switching on.

Unlike many other torches, this torch has an app that is compatible with it. This allows for remote access to several features. You get real-time access to your remaining battery charge and adjustment of the power and battery life. Depending on the kind of activity you are performing, the application allows you to activate and create lighting profiles to suit your needs, like night fishing, trekking, or trail running. This is because of the multi-light profile feature present in the torch. The app can also be connected through Bluetooth but can easily be disabled at any time. This application, which is compatible and works seamlessly with most phones, is just made to ease usage of the head torch, but the torch can definitely still be enjoyed without the app.

A head torch is not complete if it doesn't have long-lasting battery life. The Petzl head torch has a rechargeable battery of 1800mAh. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours, but this varies depending on the mode. It can be conveniently charged with a universal micro USB port that is by the side of the head torch, with a charging time of 4.5 hours.

The Petzl head torch is made with state of the art lighting technology. The light beams automatically adjust due to its light sensor technology that helps get maximum battery usage. The power mode also automatically switches depending on the battery mode selected. The head torch is versatile with lighting modes like standard, reactive, refuse and signal mode.

The Petzl head torch comes with all these amazing features and a two-year functionality guarantee, it’s really worth more. Perform those fun activities with style when you choose the Petzl Reactik+ head torch.

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Black Diamond Icon Head Torch.

Best Head Torch for Night Fishing, Best Head TorchThe Icon head torch is from the family of Black Diamond head torches that have served many anglers for years. Available from various online suppliers like Amazon, AllOutdoors and Go Outdoors, it is renowned for being a high-powered expedition headlamp with a range of up to 100m. While not as bright as the Nitecore HC33 head torch above, it still delivers a huge luminosity output of 200 lumens.

Its IPX7 waterproof body makes it one of the ideal choices to have with you when out fishing, as it is able to withstand a multitude of weather conditions.

The Icon has five LEDs. One QuadPower spotlight and 4 SinglePower lights; two white and two red, for improved night vision. The multiple lighting modes allow you to adjust the beam to match the environment, while all of the LEDs offer an impressive burn time.

Other Key Features –

  • Modes include full strength in distance and proximity mode, dimming, strobe and red night vision.
  • Lock mode to protect the battery when the torch is in storage.
  • Range: 100m (QuadPower LED), 35m (SinglePower LEDs)
  • 80 hours burn time (QuadPower), 175 hours (SinglePower)
  • IPX7 waterproof rating means it can be submerged in 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.
  • Weight: 220g with batteries.
  • Takes 4x AA batteries (included).

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How to Identify the Best Head Torch for Night Fishing

Inadequate research and a lack of knowledge about head torches could end up costing you a lot in the long term. You could end up buying a very expensive head torch that wouldn't last that long or won't function as optimally as it should. This can be avoided if you know the right features to look out for before buying one. Here are some key features to help you choose your best head torch for night fishing.


This is one of the most important, if not the most important, feature to look out for in a head torch. Since you’ll be using the torch at night, proper illumination should be the top priority. The light bulbs of head torches are measured in lumens and the higher the lumen output, the brighter the head torch. Some of the brightest head torches have lumen outputs of anything from 300 lumens up to 2000 lumen. So, depending on where you are fishing, you can determine the level of brightness you need. However, it is also important to consider beam range, for it is possible for the lamps to have high brightness but low beam range.


Many head torches come with various modes which vary depending on the manufacturer. It's essential to note the modes present for your head torch. These modes allow you to customize your experience using the head torch. For example, some may be able to switch between power modes or light modes that allow you to choose between high, medium, or low lighting, while some might have zoom features.

Best Head Torch for Night Fishing, Best Head Torch

Water Resistant features

Water resistance has become a common feature for many head torches today. The best head torch for night fishing would be a gadget that can resist water splashes and will last long. But note that water resistance doesn't mean that you can submerge the head torch in water. One of the best ways to determine water resistance is to use the IPX rating. This tells you the water-resistance level of the head torch and how much direct water contact that it can withstand.

Battery life

This is another very important feature that you need to consider. Many headlamps either use regular aaa batteries or rechargeable batteries with a decent power back. It is more advisable to go for those that can easily be recharged so you can always have your head torch ready to be used at all times. Some of these batteries have a powerful life of up to 1800 mA lasting up to 20 hours. However, how long the battery will last per time also depends on the brightness mode and burn time.


Comfort is something that should not be overlooked. While fishing, you don't want to be distracted by the headband and should opt for a lightweight head torch that is fully adjustable. The more elastic the headband, the more comfortable you’ll be. You should always go for head straps that are made from soft materials and are easily adjustable. Also, you want to go for something that is lightweight.

How do you fish at night using a head torch?

Most fish are phototactic, so they look for food in places where there is light. Lightly bouncing the light from your head torch on the surface of the water helps attract the fish as they search for food, increasing your chances of a good haul.

Experienced fishermen suggest mid-summer and autumn as ideal periods to indulge in some night fishing. The weather is not bad, and the longer days always help.

There are a few different ways of fishing at night with some lighting. The easiest way would be to use a head torch. It frees up your hands while you cast the fish lures. This can then be used to have a clear view of the float while waiting for the fish to bite.

The next best option is to use a fishing lantern. These are often handy when in areas where there is inadequate lighting, or the natural light suddenly drops. The downsides to it are that you need a suitable place to put the lantern while fishing and it can easily get awkward if the weather changes at short notice.

The above list will have helped you gather enough knowledge to help you decide on the best head torch for night fishing. And ideally, you'll know now that your choice of a head torch for night fishing should be based on the most suitable features for you.

Although each head torch comes with amazing features present, ultimately, your choice of head torch for night fishing should be based on the one that really fits your style and preference. So when next you’re going fishing at night, you will not just be going with your fishing gear but a super bright head torch in tow.

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