Best Petzl Head Torch

Petzl is a company created in the mid-seventies specialising in climbing gear, caving gear, work-at-height equipment, and – yes – headlamps. The French company was created by the cave explorer Fernand Petzl and it now has almost legendary status in the climbing scene. The French company owes this good reputation to its clear focus on functionality and reliability.

The first Petzl mountaineering headlamp is invented in 1973, with the first Petzl LED headlamp, the TIKKA, following a few decades later. Their expertise in head torch making has led to rigorous testing for a little bit more an wear and tear. The tests are known to often go above and beyond the required standards to help validate product reliability and user safety: dynamic fall tests, impact resistance, cyclic testing, performance, headlamp beam quality and burn times.

This is a look at the various Petzl head torches and headlamps available, as well as where to check for the best prices before purchase.


Petzl NAO Plus Headlamp

With an integrated backlight, this Petzl NAO Plus headlamp gives you all-around sight and clarity. The LED lights boast 750 lumens of power and a portable battery means that you’re never left out in the dark.

Petzl Nao Headlamp Black

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Ideal for running, hiking, or camping, the Petzl headlamp weighs in at 100 grams and stores easily in your luggage or backpack. Use the mobile app to program your preferred light settings and check how much battery you have left. The lock function prevents you from accidentally bumping it on and wasting battery life.

This is personalised convenience that you can count on.

Other Key Features;

  • Constant lighting technology
  • Sophisticated and highly functional
  • Multi-beam lighting for close proximity lighting

Petzl Swift RL Headtorch

The Petzl Swift RL headtorch is a more affordable headlamp option that doesn’t skimp on quality. Capable of 900 lumens of power, it’s a reliable head torch that you can take on your outdoor adventure whether they are skiing, camping, hiking, or biking.

petzl swift

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The headband is detachable for easy washing and the comfortable nylon material won’t cause annoying irritation. The entire unit weighs in at 200 grams and the band is adjustable to up to 12.5 centimetres around the head. The torch requires one AAA battery, which is included.

Choose from black, blue, or orange and get on your way.

  • Detachable and washable headband.
  • Requires AAA batteries.
  • Sis comfortably on head.


Petzl Reactik + Compact Rechargeable & Intelligent Reactive Lighting Headlamp

This Petzl Reactik compact rechargeable headlamp is a technologically advanced option that will make your adventures a lot brighter. Its compact size makes it ideal for outdoor activities, camping, and construction work. Made of weatherproof materials, its LED lights can shine up to 110 meters ahead of you.

Petzl Reactik Headlamp

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The headlamp runs off of a lithium-ion battery, which is included and can last up to 15 hours. The battery can be recharged via the included USB plug, making this a convenient and portable accessory. It will also work with AAA batteries.

It weighs 100 grams, is available in black and orange, and one size fits all.

Other Key Features;

  • Up to 15 hours burning time
  • 110-metre lighting distance
  • Headlamp with USB plug



Petzl Myo RXP Headtorch

The Petzl Myo RXP head torch is capable of up to 370 lumens and is a great economical option. At 175 grams, it’s a lightweight, one-size-fits-all head torch with a sporty grey and orange colour scheme. It runs off three AA batteries, which are included. The headlamp has Consistent Lighting Technology so you always get the right amount of light that you need.

petzl myo

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Plus, it boasts nocturnal red and white lighting, which is perfect for evening hikes or camping trips. The polypropylene material provides a nice stretch as well as comfort and the multi-beam lighting allows you to adjust to near vision and distant vision.

Other Key Features;

  • Lightweight
  • Long burn time
  • Beam type: wide and focused

Petzl Tactikka+

The Petzl Tactikka+ is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. The one-size-fits-all, water-resistant headlamp comes in black, desert tan, and camouflage. It is battery-powered by three AAAs, which are included in your purchase.

Petzl Tactikka head torch

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When the battery life gets low, the headlamp automatically shifts into energy reserve mode. The Petzl Tactikka+ head torch features Constant Lighting Technology and has wide-based, focused beams for better sight in all conditions. Normal mode is capable of 110 lumens and up to 50 metres of light while boost mode shoots up to 140 lumens and 60 metres.

There is also close-range night vision and a strobe mode for easier signalling and identification at night.

Other Key Features;

  • Focusable light cone, red light and  different light modes
  • Designed for activities where stealth is key
  • Three lighting modes: proximity, movement and distance


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