Best Ultra Running Head Torch

Ultra runners know that they need equipment that can keep up with them when they are on the road, and they are unwilling to compromise on excellence. If you are an ultra runner, then you already know that choosing high-quality gear is one of the most important things that you can do to help set yourself up for success.

Rather than choosing a lower quality head torch that will fail you during your extra-long runs, when you choose something with a lot of power and durability you can be sure that you will get the light that you need, no matter your running conditions.

Why a Great Head Torch Matters

Ultra runners are out in the open during all kinds of weather, which means that their gear needs to be built to last or it won’t be able to keep up with them. When ultra runners buy shoes, they buy the most durable shoes on the market.

It only stands to reason that they would expect the rest of their equipment, including their head torches, to be just as high quality and built to withstand bad weather and long periods of time on the road.

For this reason, ultra runners need to be even pickier than other runners when selecting a head torch.

Black Diamond Storm

One of the best features of the Black Diamond Storm is not only that it is lightweight and incredibly powerful, but that it is a waterproof head torch. This means that ultra runners who get caught out in a storm won’t have to worry about their head torch failing them due to getting weight.

This can be a major problem for ultra runners who prefer to train and run in all types of weather, but thanks to this powerful head torch, it’s no longer an issue. Other great features include:

  • Sleek and modern house
  • Completely dust proof
  • Fast transition between dimmed and full power

Black Diamond Revolt

Another wonderful option from Black Diamond is the Revolt. This is another waterproof option that can easily stand up to severe rainstorms without being damaged. It can use lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries, which is great for ultra runners who are in a pinch and don’t have a lot of options when looking for batteries.

It has a programmable brightness memory so that you can easily set your head torch to your desired brightness each time you turn it on. This makes it easy to keep running as it gets darker without having to stop and try to adjust the head torch, which can take up precious time.

  • Great functionality
  • Lightweight
  • Full Charge lasts 12 hours.


Both of these Black Diamond head torches are a wonderful option for any ultrarunner looking for a durable head torch to take with them when training or competing.

Thanks to their ability to stand up to sudden storms, runners never have to worry about the batteries being damaged, the head torch failing and then being plunged into the dark and unable to see.

They are powerful and durable options that are designed to last through all types of conditions, making them the best options for ultrarunners who never stop training for bad weather.