5 Best Cycle Helmets With Lights

When it comes to outdoor sports or recreational activities, cycling by far offers a mind-blowing experience. My whole family loves to cycle – even my ‘not too old’ grandfather loves to cycle (funny, right?). Well, what can I say? Cycling is just too good.

But recreation is not the only reason people cycle. For some, it is a means of transportation. Hence, we must make this means of transportation as luxurious and as safe as possible.

The need for a cycle helmet keeps increasing with the necessity to keep safe at all times. But do you know that some helmet comes with the light? Are you surprised? I’ll be showing you right here in this article.

For those of you that already know about cycle helmets with light, I will be reviewing the best of them. Who doesn’t like the best?

As the name implies, cycle helmets have light. Pretty simple right? These cycle helmets can come in handy especially when you cycle at night. Even if you don’t cycle at night, who knows? You might. Maybe something might come up and will require to take that nice bike outside in the night.

Below are some of the best cycle helmet that will give you that amazing cycling experience.

LUMOS Smart Bike Helmet

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is an award-winning helmet. This helmet was awarded the top prize by The London Museum. It provides a highly luxurious when riding, guaranteeing your visibility as well as your safety.

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet comes in only one size but it is adjustable from 54-61cm. This means it can fit into any head within this rage. This helmet is also available in three colours: Cobalt blue, Pearl white, Charcoal black.

One unique thing about the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is the illumination system which is designed in such a way that ensures you stand out on the road to other cyclists and drivers. The illumination system consists of 38-Red LEDs at the rear, 11 amber turn signals (yellow), and also 10 bright white LEDs in front.

What’s even more fascinating about this helmet is the battery power. You can use it for 20-30 minutes every day up to seven days when fully charged.

Another amazing feature this helmet has is its automatic warning signal when you’re slowing down. The helmet senses this motion and turns the rear light on.

This is definitely a helmet you need to consider. You can also download the app to turn on battery notifications and also change the settings of the helmet to your taste.

Main Features

  • Four illumination system (front white light, rear red light, and yellow right and left turn signal)
  • Automatic motion sensor
  • Adjustable from 54-61cm
  • The battery lasts for 6 hours in solid mode and 3 hours in steady mode.


Shinmax Bicycle Helmet with Safety LED Light

The Shinmax Bicycle Helmet with Safety LED Light is structurally designed in such a way that it guarantees your safety and also visibility. So, no need worrying while riding down the street because Shinmax Bicycle Helmet has got your back.

Like the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet, Shinmax also comes in only one size and adjustable between 52 – 61cm. When it comes to safeguarding the rider, the material used to design the helmet is as important as the fit of the helmet. This is why the manufacturers have included the Ergo Knob Adjusting Dial into the product design which allows for comfortability and security while riding.

What’s more is that the Shinmax Bicycle Helmet ensures maximum ventilation by utilizing strategically placed vents which allows for airflow through the vent, evaporation of sweat and keeping the cyclist cool. Isn’t that cool?

Another thing I like about this helmet is that it is made with plastic materials that maintain aerodynamics while maintaining its light-weightiness. So, this helmet is very light when you put it on.

Unlike the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet, it has only one light that is placed at the rear which is available in three light modes which include – always-on mode, flash mode, and slow flash mode. Although the light might not be as bright as the Lumos helmet, I was quite satisfied with it when I used it.

This helmet is very affordable especially when you’re on a low budget. It is cheap to get.

Main features

  • Adjustable between 52-61cm
  • Ergo knob adjusting dial coupled with LED-flashing light
  • Vent system for optimal ventilation and evaporation of sweat.
  • Aerodynamic design to allow for light-weightiness
  • Three light modes: Slow flash, Flash and always on.


MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Certified with Rechargeable USB Light

This is yet another amazing bike helmet. The Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet weighs 325g and is adjustable between 55-62cm. It has a thickness of 0.67cm. Like the Retrospec helmet, it has a ventilation system that guides the air in and out of the helmet giving the user a cooling effect.

This helmet also has a USB-rechargeable rear light that has multiple light modes. The light modes include slow mode, steady mode, and fast mode, all guaranteeing your visibility, especially at night. To switch between different modes, all you need to do is to press on the light switch. Long-press on the light switch will turn it off.

The manufacturers of this helmet utilized PC shell as well as EPS foam. These materials act as shock absorbers. Hence, ensuring maximum protection as well as comfort.

One special thing I love about this helmet is that the light is water-proof. So, you don’t have to worry about taking a ride downtown in the rain. But this does not mean that you should soak the helmet in water.

What’s more, is that this helmet comes with an extra lining which prevents insects like bugs from getting to your hair. It also comes with a portable bag for storage of the helmet. You don’t have to worry about buying a storage bag for the helmet. This is the company’s means of patronizing their customers. Other things that come in the package include a USB cable and an instruction manual.

Main Features

  • Weighs 325g
  • Adjustable between 55-62 cm
  • Thickness of 0.67cm
  • 22 large vents that ensure optimal ventilation
  • EPS foam and PC shell that acts as shock absorbers.
  • Rechargeable USB rear light which is waterproof.


PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Certified with Rechargeable USB Light

The PHZ Adult Bike helmet is specially designed for adults. Although, youths can also make use of it. It is adjustable between 22.8-23.6 inches. I got this product as a birthday gift for my cousin, and trust me I did a lot of testing on the product. Guess what? It turned out just fine.

The helmet has a rear light which is surprisingly very bright. I know this because I have tested it. It has three modes which include constant flashing mode, tour mode, and flashing mode.

What’s more, is that this helmet is built with impact-resistant material which is both wear resistance and scratch resistance. The helmet also utilizes 23 flow vents which allow for optimal ventilation and reduces the helmet’s resistance.

As I said earlier, this helmet is specially designed for adult cyclists and is suitable for riding on the roads or even mountain/hill (Sounds good, right?)

Main features

  • Adjustable 22.8-23.6 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Three light modes (Flashing mode, tour mode, and flashing mode)
  • 23 flow vents for optimal ventilation
  • Mountain/hill friendly


Gonex Bike Helmet, Adult Cycling Road Helmet with Safety Light

The Gonex Bike helmet is another helmet that guarantees your safety. Like the other products I have reviewed, this helmet is designed with materials that will act as shock absorbers. Hence, ensuring the safety of riders.

Also, the helmet is designed with breathing pads to ensure a breathable head and increase the comfortability of the rider. It measures 7.5 – 9.5 inches, weighs 240g, and adjustable between 22.5 – 24.5cm.

The light system is also similar to the previous one I reviewed having just one LED light available in 3 modes. The light modes are Slow flashing, constant flashing, and constant on. Also, like the others, I have reviewed; it also utilizes the flow vents. It utilizes 24-integrated flow vents that ensure optimal ventilation and make the helmet lightweight.

Main features