Best Headlamp for Rock Climbing

Night-time climbing or bouldering is a very sensitive sport. It requires a complete gear that includes a flashlight. You need to equip yourself with a good torch preferably a headlamp. This keeps your hands free for gripping ledges on the rock while climbing.

The headlamp should be portable, bright, durable and waterproof. These features will give you a reassurance that you have packed a reliable light source in your gear kit.

Your activity may not necessarily take place at night. You could plan to go climbing in the wee hours of dawn before the sun rises. At this period, the sky is usually dark as it would be at night.

Therefore, you will require a working headlamp to take along. There are some crevices in the rocks that will jump to life when you light up your view with a flashlight. During daytime when the sun is up in the sky, those spots are not easily noticed. The hidden spots could make you lose your grip and cause irreparable accidents as a result.

The heat generated from the sun rays hitting the boulders is also not a comfortable condition to reckon with. This makes night climbing a winner!

Stick with me as we scale through (no pun intended) this list of the 6 best flashlights you will need for climbing as a novice or a professional.


  1.   Olight H2R Nova NW/CW 18650 LED Torch 2300LM Rechargeable Versatile Illumination Tool EDC Handheld Flashlight or Head Torch headlamp 

At a whopping 2300 lumens, this rechargeable and versatile headlamp is extremely bright. Its versatility can be seen in the ability for its head strap to be detached while the flashlight is used as a handheld torch. This makes the lamp double as an indoor torch or for several other outdoor activities such as camping, running, fishing, and dog-walking.

The 2300 luminous flux is the intensity or output of the light the lamp produces. That value is high enough to illuminate a pitch-dark mountain area up to 153m distance.

Its brightness modes change gradually to avoid the ill effect of sudden changes on your eyes. These modes are High, medium and turbo which light up or fade slowly to achieve eye protection.

It has a custom made 3000mAh Li-ion battery that is in-built. The battery can be charged using Olight’s signature magnetic charging cable.


  • This unique headlamp has a runtime of up to 45 days if set to a moonlight mode. This means you do not have to recharge its battery for more than a whole month after a full charge.
  • Its total weight is less than 200g (including its battery and head strap). You can have it mounted on your head for several hours without feeling overburdened.
  • A magnetic charging cable is included in the package for ease of recharging. Therefore, the price covers the charger in addition to the headlamp.
  • There is a stainless-steel pocket clip also in the pack. It is meant for fastening the torch to your pocket when it is detached from the head strap.

Con: It may be considered too pricey. The quality of the lamp supersedes its cost. A trial will convince you.


  1.   Ledlenser LED7298 H7R.2 Rechargeable Head Lamp – powerful 300 lumens and 160m beam range 


This LED head torch has an advanced focus system. This and its German engineering technology makes the Lumen rating superior.

Most flashlights with higher lumens cannot be compared with the Ledlenser even though it has only 300 lumens capacity. It is capable of providing a long-range spot beam or wide floodlight above 150m coverage. This is possible with its calibrated lens which gives a wider beam angle.

A full battery charge provides up to 60 hours runtime while on low brightness mode. The battery can be recharged using a USB cable or the supplied mains charger. There is an option of using 4 pcs AAA battery in the USB compartment if the inbuilt battery runs down accidentally.


  • The Ledlenser headlamp is very light in weight that you may forget you are wearing one on your head. This makes you feel safe and comfortable climbing with all attention on your sport.
  • In addition to the USB cable, a mains charger is included in the package. You can recharge your headlamp without relying on other cables which may not be of standard quality.
  • It has a maximum runtime of 60 hours. That means with a full charge; you can spend days using the lamp without recharging it.

Con: With just 300 lumens, you can be sure of its output. The German configuration makes it more advanced in providing greater brightness than other lamps with higher lumens.

  1.   XLENTGEN Rechargeable Head Torch 5 LEDs 6 Lighting Modes Head Work Light – Super Bright Headlamp 

The Xlentgen headlamp has 5 LED bulbs. The middle bulb, which is the main light uses XML-L2 LED. And the remaining 4 bulbs on the sides use XPG-2 LED. These in total, radiate a brightness of 1200 lumens.

The output and quality of light emanated is fantastic. It is capable of illuminating dark nooks and crannies that you may overlook while climbing. This headlamp can emit up to 500ft of light seamlessly. You can go on your night adventure or sport without any fear of the lamp going berserk.

There are two buttons on the lamp. The button with a flash sign on it is the super bright switch. This controls the brightness modes from lowest to highest. The second button controls the lighting modes. It has 5 lighting modes that can be regulated from strobe to SOS.

This lamp has a memory function that recalls the lighting mode and brightness settings used before switching it off. It will automatically resume back to the settings you chose next time you switch it back on.

It is flexible in the mode of power supply. You can use a USB cable to recharge the headlamp or fix disposable batteries. A 27100 or 18650 Li-ion battery can be used or 3pcs AAA batteries. It is very durable and can function well if it comes in contact with water.


  • It has a 160 degrees angle of rotation. This gives it an advantage of over other headlamps. It can be adjusted to a convenient position during a climb.
  • Its multiple battery options make it useful in any situation. The battery may require recharging when you are in the middle of a serious climb. All you need to do is fix your disposable alkaline batteries and continue your activity.
  • Rated as an IPX4 waterproof product. Whether ice climbing or bouldering during rainy weather, you can rely on its waterproof capacity.
  • It has an exceptional lightweight that gives you the comfort of wearing it on your head. No complaints about carrying a bulky headgear during your sport.

Con: It may not be as expensive as other headlamps but it is very efficient. You can also save up on purchasing other gears needed for your sport.


  1.   PETZL Actik Headlamp – SS19

The Petzl Actik headlamp has a runtime of 260 hours after a full charge. This implies that for almost 2 weeks, you can keep using this headlamp without thinking about recharging it.

It is compatible with a CORE rechargeable battery. It also uses 3 pcs AAA or LR03 batteries to power it on. In case you are running low on rechargeable battery power, you can bank on the disposable ones.

At 300 lumens of light output, it boasts of a wide and mixed beam. The brightness it provides is remarkable and is good for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, cycling, running, and hiking.

It has a reflective headband that shines even when the lamp is on. Everyone around you or far off will notice your presence with the reflective band for safety reasons.

This product is also equipped with a whistle for emergencies when you need rescuing.


  • It is rated at IPX4. This means it is waterproof and can withstand drops and splashes of water. You can use it under rain or in snowy seasons.
  • Its reflective headband ensures your safety. You can be seen by your partners and easily spotted in any dangerous situation.
  • The Petzl headlamp has an unbeatable runtime of 260 hours. It allows you to work without experiencing any unexpected blackout.
  • The required 3 pcs AAA batteries are provided along with the headlamp. You need not order for batteries separately.

Con: The red-light feature on the headlamp functions as a nightlight when you are not focusing on your target. It will preserve your night vision and not blind nor startle people around you.


  1.   Black Diamond Men’s Spot 325 Headlamp

Black diamond spot headlamp has been remodelled and improved for added comfort. It is now housed in a smaller package with a more efficient design. The compact body makes it useful and ergonomic for your convenience. You will not feel any bulky impact when it is worn over your head.

A second switch has been attached on the user interface for a swift mode selection. You can now move between dim and full power or red light depending on your choice. A brighter light with more intensity is produced. Not only the brightness is unique, it also saves battery life.

You can easily track its battery life with a 3-LED battery meter. The headlamp provides peripheral lighting for close-range activities such as climbing, cooking or reading. You can have a clear view of your object within a short distance without any glare effect from the light.

It is rated as an IPX8 waterproof product. This makes it submersible in the water at about 1m for half an hour. Water can enter its battery compartment without causing any malfunction. But you will need to dry it out after use to avoid damage.


  • You may select a chosen brightness mode and maintain it. This is possible with the memory function. A custom setting can be saved without having to return to default settings.
  • The lamp uses 3 pcs AAA batteries. Its compactness and portability give it room for working efficiently with only alkaline batteries.
  • Batteries are provided in the package so you do not have to spend money on that.

Con: The lamp and its battery compartment have to be dried out after use under rain, snow or fog. This is to ensure you can reuse it next time without damaging the terminals.

  1.   Victoper Head Torch Headlight [Upgrade Version] Rechargeable headlamp, with Light Sensor Mode Super Bright LED Head Lamp

If you are looking for an affordable headlamp for climbing, the Victoper headtorch has extremely bright and powerful headlights. It is built to last longer than other similar products on the market.

It is equipped with one main front light and 40 LED bulbs on the other sides. With visible light emissions of 6000 lumens, it is about the brightest lamp you can find for sale.

Its total lifespan is above 100,000 hours which is over a decade of use. It is powered by 2 pcs 18650 rechargeable batteries with overcharge protection. There are coloured light indicators which show empty or full battery charge.

A USB cable can be used to recharge its batteries. The beam coverage extends to a distance of up to 300m. You can easily see a large expanse from your position.

The headband is anti-slip protected which assures you of not falling off while climbing, running or cycling. The headlamp is rated IPX5. It can withstand any splashing or showers of rain from any angle.


  • There are 2 pcs 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries included in the package. This comes almost free considering the cost of the product which is a giveaway price.
  • Its lightweight makes it comfortable to be worn for a longer period.
  • It can automatically adjust brightness according to the environment. This saves you the stress of switching buttons off/on instead of concentrating on the task at hand.

Con: There is a plastic wrap on the batteries. So, when your package arrives, remember to remove it or else it will not function well. This is the norm with new batteries.


Finally, I suggest you look out specifically at the light output, battery options and comfort when you are ready to purchase a headlamp.

Feel free to re-visit this page whenever you need first-hand information anytime. I am sure you will find one of the products reviewed here useful.

Good luck and climbing safely!