What Should I Look For In A Head Torch

Head torches come in different sizes, shapes, design and quality. Manufacturers are developing them into more portable and suitable forms – so what should you look for in a head torch? It is obvious that in the next few years, we won’t be having difficulty in getting to our destination in the dark with the incredible progress in technology and evolution.

In the meantime, while you are out planning for your daily activities, choosing a head torch suitable for you is ideal as you need it not just for you to see but to be seen as well. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you choose the best head torch suitable for your activities both indoors and outdoors.

Now let’s consider the following tips to look for in deciding on a head torch;

Tips To Look Out For When Choosing A Head Torch


When choosing a head torch, you should first bear it in mind that you will be carrying it on your head, so the weight of the kit should be your first priority. This enhanced rechargeable headlamp is a very good lightweight option that is often overlooked by hikers and dog walkers alike. 

Carrying a heavy torch on your head for a long period of time will eventually be annoying and could even cause damage to your facial muscle. Identifying where the battery is located is one that could help you determine the weight of the torch and how comfortable you’ll be carrying it on your head.

Again, the type of task you want to carry out with your head torch and how long you’ll have to carry it on your head would also determine how light you want the torch to be.

Using a head torch meant for an activity that would take you up to an hour should be one that would be comfortable for you to be able to carry out your task with ease and concentration.

Nevertheless, bear it in mind that head torches with additional capacity and other properties may come with an increase in weight or size.

Battery Power

While changing a used phone for a new one, we are to consider the power of the battery because it’s essential. It determines how strong the phone would be, the same applies to head torch.


A head torch is significant for many different activities, either indoor or outdoor but what weakens it most times is improper maintenance. Having a good battery quality is more like an added advantage to the task you want to perform with the head torch but not maintaining it well can be disastrous.

While choosing a head torch, considering the battery capacity is very important. Good head torches with strong batteries usually generate enough luminosity to last several hours. However, this will depend on how well you charge it.

The information on the battery capacity is usually inscribed on the battery by the manufacturer.

The battery capacity is not just determined by how long it lasts or the time interval that is written on the product but also by the amount of Lumen it displays. When you are choosing your head torch you will have the choice to choose between one with a rechargeable battery or one with replaceable batteries.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are created because of their outstanding beam emissions and extended battery life. It is often ideal to have a rechargeable battery in your head torch because it is easier to charge and cheaper when compared to a normal battery. It also emits more lumens when compared to head torches with replaceable batteries.


How well do you need your head torch to function? Does it suit the task you want to use it for? Are you going to be using your head torch in a poultry farm, where you will have to wear gloves to carry out the task? Or are you an electrician that needs both hands free when working? How easily can you operate the torch while working? A head torch with hard switches won’t be suitable for such activity, torch with smooth switching is the best for this.

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Another important function is how bright the beams from the touch are and how far it could reach. This is determined by its focus. Also, check if you could pivot your head torch to the front or pivot it down for a better view. These functions are also listed on the package of the touch.

Beams travelling for a long distance (100m) could be very useful, these limits are mostly suitable for mounting, camping, etc. Otherwise, those above this limit are mostly suitable for lighting hills, having fun, etc.

Size And Elasticity Of The Headband

Another important point to consider while choosing your head torch is size. This simply refers to the elastic that holds the torch against the head and on to which the torch is attached.


This may sound petty but, it’s important you know how to fit you want your head torch to be in regards to the activity you want to carry out. Then make a purchase based on your final decision. Carrying heavy loads in the middle of the night in a factory would need a torch with a very tight headband.

During such activities, you won’t want your torch to start turning from your forehead. The elastic holding the torch to your head should be one that would be convenient for your use, would fit your head suitably so as to avoid accidents while doing your job.


Head torch could be as dependable as your phones only when it is well maintained. The following are the extra things that you should consider doing to help your head torch last longer.

  1. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat. Your head torch batteries are liable to die or malfunction very earlier than expected when exposed to a certain degree of heat which could even lead to the permanent dysfunction and explosion too.
  2. Avoid overcharging in the case where your torch is with a rechargeable battery. Avoid leaving it charging for too long, the battery could get overheated when the circuits that run through it have a continuous feed even after it is full. Charging your torch before the battery goes completely flat is a better option.

3. If you do not have a waterproof head torch, avoid letting your torch fall into liquid substances. When you avoid exposing it to substances that could damage the battery and other parts in it, it’s durability is certain.

Careless handling of the torch will also shorten battery life. Dropping it from a distance often could cause damage to the torch and reduce how well it works.


A head torch is an important piece of equipment to have with you as a source of light, well before you experience a light shortage. Waiting till the precise time that you need additional light may be risky.

Avoiding the risk in the dark, when outdoors or indoors, is one of the reasons why you should consider getting a head torch. While planning for a family trip, a hiking trip or any outdoor activities, a head torch could be of great help for a safer and better experience.

While selecting a head touch, remember these essential points;

  • The kind of activity you want to carry out with your head touch. Your activity determines how best your torch could be of help.
  • How long would you want it to last? The hours you use in your activity would tell how strong your torch must be.
  • How much of distance you want it to cover. The distance of the beams. are you a vigilante, do you need your torch to go extra miles, then you will have to go for a 200m head torch beam distance with more focus.
  • How long would you be carrying it on your head? The battery life must be one that suite the hour of the budget task.