Best Headlamps For Kids

Finding the perfect headlamp for your kid all depends on knowing what features are important to you. Because of this, you’ll have to think about the activities your kids will use the headlamp for – will they be camping on weekend trips with the family?

Headlamps made for kids are often smaller, brightly coloured, more lightweight and not as powerful. They can also have features like automatic shutoff. You should take note that LEDs are bright enough to cause permanent vision damage, so make sure your little one knows how to use their light responsibly.

Best Headlamps For Kids

Now below, we have given three of the best headlamps for kids that you can find in the market.

 T-Rex Head Torch Dinosaur Toys LED Headlamp

This headlamp is very efficient, it also weighs 0.08kg, and boasts of an anti-slip elastic cotton headband which places less pressure on your head when you are wearing it.

T-Rex Head Torch Dinosaur Toys LED Headlamp
The weight of this dinosaur toys headlamp is 0.08kg with an adjustable headband that ensures it fits securely on your kid's head when they wear it or carry it around for camping or reading activities.

This dinosaur toys headlamp is ideal for night reading, camping, and is based on the outlook of T-Rex that kids adore. It is battery powered and has a three-mode switch. It can be set to high, medium and low modes in order to suit the brightness you want/need in a situation

The features of this dinosaur toys headlamp include: rainproof, anti-slip handle, waterproof, 3 LED light source which shows more clear at night than other lights do and energy saving and environmental protection bulb which provides longer service life of the product than traditional bulbs.

Adjustable elastic band design, conforms well to the head for a comfortable fit and is easy to use in different seasons.

The LED headlight has 3 illumination modes which are steady modes with T-Rex roars 3 times, strobing with T-Rex roars 3 times and constant strobing with dinosaur roars.

This dinosaur toys headlamp is powered by 3 x AAA batteries which are not included in the packaging of this product or with the purchase.

It is advisable that adults should guide your child to use this toy under supervision, since it contains small parts that can pose as choking hazard if swallowed by an infant.  


  • This LED headlight is perfect for children to read books.
  • Easy access to all three buttons
  • Good waterproofing including rubber seal in the battery compartment.


  • Not bright enough for some outdoor activities.
  • It’s not as comfortable as other headlamps.

Owl Kids Head Torch LED Headlamp

This kids head torch is perfect for spending quality time with your family indoors or outdoors. It features 4 light modes and a sound switch, making it easy to get the perfect setting for your needs.

Owl Kids Head Torch LED Headlamp
The headband has an adjustable strap for maximum comfort and can be worn by children of all ages.

The LED headlight is easy to transfer between buttons and provides a constant light, strobe light, or different color circling on the owl’s face.

It’s also great for family activities and perfect for keeping everyone safe and illuminated.

This owl kids head torch is lightweight and comfortable, with an adjustable headband that will fit most children. It has a water-resistant design as well as a rubberized grip for easy handling.

The features of this kids head torch include: LED light which is bright enough to read books or find your way safely during camping days.

4 light modes which are steady on white, I/R strobe red/blue, red/blue portrait color changing with sound activation and Sound activated LED colors changing.

The headband has an adjustable strap for maximum comfort and can be worn by children of all ages.


  • It’s the perfect gift idea for any child over 3 years old
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • It is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of colors


  • This kids head torch doesn’t have an option for fully dimming the light, which can be useful when trying to read.

Unicorn Toys Essential Outdoor Head Torch

This kids head torch is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. The unicorn headlamp features a water-resistant design and an adjustable strap that will fit most children.

Unicorn Essential Outdoor LED Head Torch
This kids head torch is lightweight, comfortable and versatile. The headband is adjustable for maximum comfort and can be worn by children of all ages..

The LED head torch comes with four different lighting modes, including constant light, strobe, colorful glows and unicorn sound modes.

Plus, there’s an additional switch that allows you to choose between “light and sound” mode or “light only” mode. With this kids’ head torch, your child will have everything they need for an exciting night of fun.

The LED light source has an illumination range up to 10 meters, providing 360 degree illumination so you can find your way easily through the darkness of night time or bad weather conditions.

It’s lightweight, comfortable and versatile. The headband is adjustable for maximum comfort and can be worn by children of all ages.

The LED headlight is battery powered with 3 x AAA batteries which are easy to replace.


  • This LED headlamp has an adjustable headband that will fitmost children.
  • It is affordable and it comes with 4 light modes and 3 sound settings for fun and entertainment.


  • Some users have complained about the strap being flimsy, but this seems to be an isolated case as this kids headlamp has mainly positive reviews.

Why Headlamps great for Kids when Camping?

  • Hands-Free

With these types of equipment, you can move around the campsite, without holding onto other lights. With headlamps, one can prepare food, do camp chores and go to the toilet, without having to worry where to put your torch or lantern

  • Compact

Headlamps do not take much room in your camping gearbox, or bag.

Allows you to cast a lot of light

They are versatile as they can, alter the lighting to suit your needs and what you are doing at the time.

  • Child-friendly

For this article, this might be the most important reason, as kids can easily have their own (and attached to them, so less likely to leave somewhere) and you don’t have to worry about them with gas lanterns, or tripping over powered lights.

Factors To Consider When Buying Headlamps for Kids

The Beam Type

Manufacturing companies make headlamps l with different beams, and you should probably look at one that gives you some options with the beam (as opposed to just one beam type).

Flood/Wide Beam

The flood beam is good for around the campsite, as it casts a wide beam over an area. For those of you who are cooking a meal, in a tent or reading, then this beam is a handy one. This beam type will not let you see far in the distance though. When buying a lamp with this feature, make sure it has settings which allow you to dim it to suit what you are doing.

Spot/Narrow Beam

This beam is recommended if, you are going on a night walk or heading to the toilet, or away from a lit up area, and don’t want to take a tumble over a branch or rock.  It is focused, and so it allows you to shine your lamp a longer distance so you can see what is coming up before you.

(We have also found it very handy at looking at possums in the trees at night!)

Combined Beams

You will find some headlamps, that offer both Flood/Wide and Spot/Narrow beam as an option.  The combined beam feature is recommended, because whilst you may pay a bit more for a headlamp with these features, you are going to get more use from one that does multi-options.

Red light

A lot of headlamps come with the option of having a red LED light. As an advantage, you can use this light to help with night vision. There are some headlamps that have a strobe action, which in an emergency could help others locate you. Another good feature of the red light is that it preserves your battery.


A lot of people talk about how many lumens a headlamp light has! It is said that the more the better, which is sort of correct. The thing is, if your light isn’t being directed properly, then you are not making the best use of your lumens.

Lumens are important features to look for when buying headlamps. For those of you who do not like a lot of light, you should concentrate on lamps with more lumens.

Try considering this feature as a key factor in buying your headlamp, but also look at the next element of headlamp purchasing – the beam distance.

Beam Distance

This is another important factor one has to consider when buying headlamps, you have to look at how far the beam goes in the distance and up close.

For those of you who are planning on just being around the campsite, and not doing any night hikes, then you are not going to need a beam distance that goes for say, 100m. For this situation, you might just need a headlamp with a beam distance of about 30m.

Similar to most camping equipment, the measurement of the beam distance is once again a manufacturer guide only. You need to figure out what you need the headlamp for, as this will help you determine what sort of beam distance you should consider. Battery integrity influences the beam distance. For old batteries, the beam distance will be affected.

Battery Life

One annoying situation is putting on the light and finding that batteries are dead or dying. Something you should know is that headlamps can chew up the battery life, especially on full brightness. This can be avoided if you have spare batteries with you. But you might not, and so you have to be a little more wary with how you use your headlamp.

When buying the headlamp, take a look at run time (it will be listed on the headlamp packaging) to get an idea of how long your lamp will run if required on full. You should note, however, that run time is just a guide by the manufacturer, and it would be in their best interests to overstate the run time, so you should not put 100% trust in this figure.

For those of you camping remotely or hiking (where help may be some time away), you will want a high-performance headlamp that has a long run time. Depending on the headlamp, you will find some that as their batteries weaken, the light will just start dimming and you know you need to source fresh batteries soon.

And there are some lamps that, the lights will just stop abruptly, without warning.


You will want your headlamp to be a bit tough so that if you drop it, it will not crack or stop working. The headlamp should also be rainproof

For instance, now, the headlamps should say they are water-resistant, so look for a rating of IPX4.  While you’re camping, you wouldn’t want to purchase a headlamp, that at the first drop of rain, you have to put away.

Perhaps you’re someone that is prone to dropping headlamps in creeks, then you need a waterproof rating which is considered above IPX7.


You will find a variety of headlamps that come in different sizes and different weights. When a headlamp has an external battery pack, it will have further weight and might be a little uncomfortable if not placed against your head just right!

Although in most cases, most campers do not worry too much about weight, only the ultralight campers amongst you, who count grams, will need to consider that more (possibly).

Headlamp Modes

Like weight, many headlamps will come with different modes. But if you want to go car camping, you don’t need a lot of modes for the light beams. All you will need is low and high modes

In general, one will get the following options on a headlamp (some of these or all):

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Strobe (including the red light we mentioned earlier)
  • Zoom (high tech models more likely to have this feature)

Although the preference for the mode you use, is up to you, you should note that the more light you use, the greater the drain on your batteries.

 Final Thoughts

Spending time outdoors with kids can be a joy, and if you want to ensure that your kids carry their own headlamps, then you can get them back packer lamps. These are tough and lightweight. You will also not be too worried when they drop them.

Your child might also be more comfortable with a lamp that comes in an array of colors so they can choose the color scheme they like best – just make sure it matches all their gear.

All in all, getting a headlamps for kids is just like getting anything else: know what you need and then go from there.

Have a good camping trip!