Best Head Torches for Close Work

Getting one of the best head torches for close work is a good decision for any worker irrespective of the industry he/she works in. If you’re an electrician, plumber, construction worker or just a DIY enthusiast, then there’s a high probability that you already have a flashlight that allows you to complete your tasks by giving you a good view of things.

Best Head Torches for Close Work

However, it is important to note that some of these flashlights are poorly constructed and are not very dependable. In a lot of cases, these flashlights don’t possess a hands-free design which then makes it hard for users to do their tasks quickly and easily.

One great thing about head torches for work and construction is that they always come with straps that provide for hands-free operation and use. These straps are comfortable and they allow users to wear it around their heads. High-quality headlights are also weatherproof. With its weatherproof feature, you can wear it for activities outdoors without having to worry about the weather.

If you want to get the best head torch for close work, then the following should be part of your list as they’re some of the best on the market.

Cobiz 18650 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight

This head torch is pretty impressive due to its hands-free and hassle-free design. Users can make use of this headlight and still do other things at the same time.

It is also a dependable and sturdy head torch, able to brighten your environment without you needing to spend time and money on getting and installing new batteries. It can be adjusted to meet an impressive range of lighting requirements as a result of its four modes/settings.

Users can decide to set it on medium, high or low modes as well as the torch’s emergency strobe lighting setting.

This head torch is a popular choice because of its versatility among other things. It has an adjustable headband that will ensure users can tailor it to fit their needs and provide the utmost comfort.

This versatility is also improved by its flexible structure which allows users to make use of it both indoors and outdoors. It is waterproof so there isn’t any need to worry about it getting damaged because of harsh weather. 

It also takes pride in its leakage-resistant wiring that ensures that the light from the torch remains turned on in spite of it being soaked by rain. The 90-degree swivel ability of this torch’s head provides users with the ability to effortlessly illuminate any direction.

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SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp

This is another great headlamp suitable for working in tight spaces, at night or in any dark environment. The CREE LED head torch has a lot of features that have placed it among the best – one of which is its light nature. It weighs a little over 4 ounces which makes it easy and comfortable to use during work hours.

This head torch’s versatility shines through and it will hold its own regardless of the industry it is used in. Due to it being rechargeable, it is more cost-effective and convenient to use.

It also has a 1,000 lumen light capacity that was built to reflect a 220 yard beam. The light will not cause any distortion to the natural colours of the objects that it illuminates.

When set in low, the rechargeable battery of this torch has an eight hour life. It becomes 3 and ½ when set on high. It is also quite fast to recharge as it takes only 2 hours.

With five different modes, it is safe to say that this head torch can be adjusted based on the particular setting that a certain environment needs. This light is also detachable and users can conveniently put it in their pockets.

The headband is adjustable and made of nylon which adds to its comfort. It is also dust proof and waterproof plus it has an aero-grade aluminium alloy construction that contributes to the torch’s ability to cope in extreme conditions.

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Soft Digits LED Headlamp

Another great option for a high-quality head torch is the 12,000 lumen headlamp manufactured by Soft Digits. An amazing thing about this torch is its versatility and multifunctional nature. It can comfortably be used for different activities asides from work.

It is suitable for climbing, running, night time walking, camping, hiking and even fishing. With its 90 degree adjustable head, you can decide to adjust it up or down. It will remain steady after it has been positioned or adjusted. It also has an adjustable headband that allows it to fit around heads, belts, hats, helmets and bikes.

With up to 12,000 lumens, this head torch’s brightness is almost unrivalled. This also assures users of remarkable performances in long distances – up to 200 meters.

Once it is fully charged, the torch’s automatic shut-off feature comes into play. This head torch will not overheat even when used for long periods of time.

Another feature of this headlight that sets it apart from its peers is its compact and powerful USB rechargeable battery. It can provide up to six uninterrupted hours of use. It also has four different lighting modes that users can choose from depending on their environment and purpose.

It makes use of just one switch that promotes ease when users want to change its settings. This head torch also has a zoom feature that gives users the opportunity to change focus from a narrow beam to a broad one. This ensures that the torch can cast a bright and powerful illumination depending on the situation that is needed.

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GRDE 18650 Super Bright LED Headlamp

This is a solid and affordable head torch option that will not disappoint when it comes to its qualities and features. It has a lumen output of 1,800 which allows it to have impressive lighting.

This torch is also versatile and users are able to meet a handful of their needs or requirements depending on the environment they’re in. It can as well be used as a waist lamp and a desk lamp.

With its high and low lighting modes, users can use it for outdoor and indoor work.

It has an IP50 waterproof rating also ensures that it can be used outdoors without a need to worry about the weather condition. This torch can also rotate up to 90 degrees.

It has a zooming feature that makes it possible for users to zoom in if they need to focus the light’s beam on a small spot. This torch has a couple of powerful rechargeable batteries that are designed to give users the utmost convenience.

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Milwaukee 2111-21 Rechargeable 475-Lumen LED Headlamp

Mainly created for use on hard hats that most workers use for safety, this head torch will offer excellent brightness which will give you proper lighting that you’ll need to effectively do your work.

It has a secure attachment that makes sure it stays in place after it has been put on a hard hat. The torch also has a run time of up to 24 hours.

When compared to other head torches, charging it is quite faster. It also supports at least two thousand recharges.

This head torch has five different settings or modes which allow users to adjust it so that they can have complete control over its runtime, output and beam coverage. 

The strap and non-slip clips of this torch also add to its secure support and easy attachment. The torch is water-resistant and dust resistant. 

Additionally, it has a sturdy lens that is capable of withstanding harsh and extreme conditions.

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Things to consider when getting a Head Torch for Close Work

1. Rechargeable or replaceable batteries

Headlights with non-removable, Lithium-ion batteries can usually be charged through a USB port and with the use of a wall charger just like the one you make use of while charging your phone.

An advantage of a head torch with built-in batteries is that these torches are less bulky. However, when the batteries run low, you’ll need to plug them and wait for them to get charged before they can be used again.

As for head torches with replaceable batteries, although they’re bulky, you can just remove the batteries and put freshly charged ones. So, it’s advisable that people who are planning to work for long periods of time either get a head torch with removable batteries or a head torch with a larger battery capacity.

Battery Run time

This is the length of time which a battery level drops from 100% to 10% when the lamp is running on high. The average runtime of head torches is approximately three to four hours.

It is important to note that this value depends on the beam length and brightness of that particular lamp. Except the head torch has a larger capacity battery, brighter lamps will consume more energy. Head torches with average brightness or lumen outputs will last longer. So, this should be considered when getting a head torch.

Weight and Size

If it is possible, potential buyers should do test fits of head torches to determine whether they have the right weight and size that are comfortable. There are a lot of head torches on the market, so there’s surely one that will be perfect for you if you look for it.

No one wants to get a head torch that isn’t comfortable when being used.

Brightness and beam length

This value is usually measured in lumens. The number of lumens that your head torch should have will predominantly depend on the kind of application you’re planning to use it for.

A typical head torch has a beam length of two metres. However, specialised head torches can focus and spread light to a surface more than 100 metres away. If you don’t plan to see faraway objects, then you don’t need to get a specialised head torch.

For people who work in the dark, it’s preferable to get specialised head torches with excellent beam length.

  1. Weight and size
  1. Brightness and beam length