Best Torch for Farming – Olight H2R Nova NW/CW 18650 LED Head Torch

If you work on a farm then there might be times when you need to check out sounds coming from your farm or work on your farm till late at night. This might then require that you use a reliable, lightweight and efficient head torch to get out and about.

If this is you, then you probably need to invest in a head torch that will allow you to attend to your farming activities without inconveniencing you. Having used a variety of head torches over the last few years, as well as speaking to many farmers across the Lake District area, I have narrowed it down to a single outstanding choice for the best head torch for farming (drumroll please) – the Olight H2R Nova NW/CW 18650 LED head torch (See Price on Amazon).

Below, let’s further drill down into the various settings that come with this head torch and its functions. Also highlighted are the key features, and the pros and cons. Carry on reading to get more insight into hoe this Olight head torch works to help you make an informed decision when looking for a head torch for farming.

Settings and functionality – Olight H2R Nova


The Olight H2R Nova head torch uses a single 18650 lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable through Olight’s signature magnetic charging system. So to charge your head torch, all you have to do is to hold the torch close to the magnetic docking station and the magnetic USB charging cable clicks into place with no further prodding required.

The good thing with the Olight H2R head torch is that it comes with a low battery warning that alerts you when the battery is running low and a recharge is required. The light blinks once per minute when the battery is running low and blink continuously when the battery is close to completely running out.

Beam Quality

The Olight H2R torch battery delivers a maximum output of 2,300 lumens (CW), Max 2000 lumens (NW) making it one of the brightest lighting options available to farmers out there. It combines the CREE XHP50 LED and TIR bead lens to deliver a balanced beam, perfect for close-range illumination.

As with most modern torch options available today, you can also alter the brightness from high, medium or turbo modes. The turbo beam is powerful, making it ideal for using it on a farm as it lights up the area ahead of you with a wide arc. When changing in between different modes, the light gradually lights up or fades, helping protect your eyes from the sudden blinding shock that can come with sudden changes in brightness.

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Multiple Use Options

The Olight H2R Nova head torch is a multi-purpose torch as it can be used as either a head torch or handheld flashlight. It can easily be detached from the head strap mount and then be used as a handheld torch instead. This versatile option makes it perfect for using on a farm at night as you can choose to hold it in your hand for a close look or strap it to your head if you need your hands to be free.

The head strap also has a magnetic mount that ensures that the head torch is secure and has a firm hold. This is a great option to have as it allows you tighten the rubber strap without turning the torch askew. The head strap band is comfortable around the head and remains in place while you are busy on your farm.


The H2R Nova is designed with class in mind. The outer part of the torch is made of aluminium alloy, helping it remain durable and sturdy. It has tiny grooves along the body of the torch, this allows you have a firm grip on it when detached from the head strap.

As fas as comfort goes, getting a good chest light would ideally sit at the top of the pile but this head torch is not far behind. It sits comfortably on your head, and it comes with a plastic at the front of the head strap which holds the main head torch unit in place.

There is also a metal clip available to allow you hook the torch onto your waistband or jacket, allowing your hands remain free to lift and carry when needed. The clip can also be detached if you need to take it off as well.

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Key Features of Olight H2R Nova

  • Luminosity – Max 2,300 lumens(CW)/ Max 2000 lumens(NW)
  • Dimensions: 4.33 inches length x 0.98 inches head diameter x 0.91 inches body diameter
  • Weight: 174 grams
  • Battery: 3000Amh 18650
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Beam distance: 153m / 502ft
  • Tilt range: 0 – 30 degrees
  • Rechargeable batteries work through Olight’s signature magnetic charging system


  • Suitable to be used on rainy days or when caught out in a storm, as it fully waterproof
  • Has two different colours (cold white and neutral white) for better performance depending on what you’re trying to see.
  • A built-in transport lock also helps avoid accidental battery drain when it’s in your bag or pocket.
  • It is a versatile, multi-purpose lighting option, as it can be used as a head torch or a handheld torch
  • A low battery indicator alerts you when the head torch needs recharging
  • The 5-year warranty is more than you get from most head torch manufacturers.


  • The turbo beam is really bright and can cause eye fatigue to many owners if used for extended periods.
  • The Olight H2R head torch can get quite hot when used when on high settings

Final Thoughts

Farming is great as it helps lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce transportation needs and helps make food cheaper for consumers. When there’s a need for you to work on your farm at night, having a head torch will make your life a whole lot easier. The light you have with you should be reliable, efficient, and strong enough to allow you to perform your farm activities with as much ease as possible.

The Olight H2R Nova (See Price on Amazon) is the best head torch to have with you, as it has features that give ample light output, has robust construction and comes with the flexibility to be used as either a hand held torch or a headlamp.

The turbo beam mode lights up large areas expansively with a wide beam. This is really helpful when walking in groups as the light is adequate, allowing a number of people share the same torch. It is also waterproof, so if you get caught out in a storm or fall into a massive puddle of water – at least your head torch will stay dr.