Are Black Diamond Headlamps Waterproof?

Black Diamond head torches are often used by many adventurous people who love the outdoors and rely on several items to make their life easier.

These outdoor trips could include hunting, mountain climbing, cave exploration, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and a lot more. All activities that require a good waterproof head torch that would not let you down just when you need some extra lighting.

Are Black Diamond Headlamps waterproof? While Black Diamond Headlamps are great options to have to hand when involved in activities, not all black diamond headlamps are waterproof. The list below shows the waterproof Black Diamond head torches which usually come with a variety of features, designed to make your life easier.

Are Black Diamond Headlamps Waterproof?Are Black Diamond Headlamps Waterproof?

Now, here is a look at the various waterproof Black Diamond Head Torches and what makes them great lighting solutions to have with you when out and about.

Black Diamond Revolt Head Torch

The Revolt headlamp is a waterproof head torch with the option to be power-fed from two sources. It is USB rechargeable and also has the option to insert AAA batteries.

Its revolutionary design allows it to be used for your next hunting or fishing expedition without the worry of being caught out. It emits 300 lumens of light and is completely IPX8 waterproof. Tested to water depths of 1.1m for 30 minutes with no water ingress.

It has a three-level power meter, so you will never be caught unawares with a dead battery. The Revolt head torch is also very lightweight at 97 grams and has a low profile design. You can easily turn the light on and an intuitive Brightness Memory function allows you to choose a brightness level that suits you without worrying scrolling through multiple functions.

Technical Specs –

  • Weight With Batteries: 97 g (3.4 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 80 m (alkaline) [Low] 8 m (alkaline)
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 30 H (alkaline) [Low] 175 H (alkaline)
  • IPX Rating: IPx8
  • LED Type : 1 TriplePower, 1 DoublePower, 1 DoublePower Red
  • Batteries : 3 AAA

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Black Diamond Icon Head Torch

Another one from the range of Black Diamond head torches is their amazing waterproof Icon headlamp. This top-of-the-range head torch emits 500 lumens of unparalleled light.

It is renowned for being the brightest and most powerful head torch in the Black Diamond range and the only one supplied with red, blue and green night vision modes.

The main outstanding quality of the Black Diamond Icon head torch is that it has an IP67 waterproof housing which means that it is at its best in saltwater and incredibly dusty or wet conditions. In addition to this, it also remains waterproof for up to 1 metre underwater for half an hour and requires no maintenance.

Its removable battery pack is great to have as it helps avoid battery discharge when not in use.

Technical Specs –

  • Lumens: 500
  • Weight With Batteries: 300 g (10.6 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 100 m; [Low] 2 m
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 70 H; [Low] 175 H
  • IPX Rating: 67
  • LED Type : 1 QuadPower, 1 DoublePower
  • Batteries: 4 AA (included)

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Black Diamond COSMO225 Head Torch

The Black diamond COSMO225 headlamp emits up to 225 lumens and comes with a red night vision. It is the perfect companion to have with you when walking the dog on a cold winter evening or camping out in the Lake District with the family.

It has a watertight IPx8 rated body which means that the head torch can be used in water up to a depth of 1.1m. Since this headlamp is waterproof, it can still be used if you get caught in the rain walking the dog or for a bit of canoeing and kayaking.

This headlamp can operate well underwater for thirty minutes, and it will still work well even if water enters its battery compartment.

Updated optical efficiency also delivers on not just brighter light from its 225 lumens lens, but also saves battery life. Some of the settings it comes with include the following – proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night-vision and lock mode.

Technical Specs –

  • Lumens : [High] 225: [Medium] 160: [Low] 6:
  • Weight With Batteries: 83 g 2.9 oz
  • Max Distances : [High] 72 m: [Medium] 50 m: [Low] 8 m
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 6 H: [Medium] 17 H: [Low] 200 H
  • IPX Rating: IPX 8
  • Batteries : 3 AAA (included)

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Black Diamond Storm375 Head Torch

For people searching for a brighter headlamp that has a waterproof body the Black Diamond Storm375 head torch is the one to go for. It allows 375 lumens of bright light and has a compact body that can endure water and dust.


The built-in features make the Storm375 head torch ideal for people exploring caves or indulging in rock climbing. The Storm375 also comes with night vision modes in three different colours and the additional benefit of peripheral white lighting for close-range activities.

In addition to this, a newly included secondary switch allows easy access to its settings and revert to full brightness at the touch of a finger.

Technical Specs –

  • Lumens : [High] 375: [Medium] 160: [Low] 8:
  • Weight With Batteries: 120 g (4.2 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 100 m: [Medium] 45 m: [Low] 9 m
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 5 H: [Medium] 10 H: [Low] 150 H
  • IPX Rating: IPX 67
  • Batteries : 4 AAA (included)

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Black Diamond Astro175 Head Torch

The Black Diamond Astro175 is another decent waterproof headlamp option. Not an ideal choice to be the main head torch when going on a road trip but a good enough back up head torch.


It emits 175 lumens of light, making it a sleek, cheap affordable option among head torches. Its waterproof housing is rated to IPX4, making it stormproof and able to withstand rain and sleet from any angle.

The Astro’s dimming and strobe modes let you customize the lighting to your needs

Technical Specs –

  • Lumens : [High] 175: [Medium] 85: [Low] 4:
  • Weight With Batteries: 122 g (4.3 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 35 m: [Medium] 28 m: [Low] 3 m
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 8 H: [Medium] 22 H: [Low] 200 H
  • IPX Rating: IPX 4
  • Batteries : 3 AAA (included)

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Black Diamond Spot325 Head Torch

The award-winning Spot325 head torch has been redesigned so that it can be balanced in a better way with the help of its lower profile. The Black Diamond Spot325 headlamp is now housed in a smaller design which means that you can carry it along with you easily.

The Spot325 also offers peripheral lighting for close-range activities like sorting gear, cooking, or reading in camp. The Brightness Memory feature allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back to a default setting.

It comes along with a three LED battery meter, and you can use its switch for lens mode selection. Furthermore, it has an IPX8 waterproof housing which means that it will still operate if it stays 1.1 meters underwater for thirty minutes.

Technical Specs –

  • Lumens : [High] 325: [Medium] 160: [Low] 6:
  • Weight With Batteries: 86 g (3.0 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 80 m: [Medium] 60 m: [Low] 8 m
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 4 H: [Medium] 8 H: [Low] 200 H
  • IPX Rating: IPX 8
  • Batteries : 3 AAA (included)

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So if you are searching for a reliable head torch that is lightweight, waterproof and practical, then you can do very little wrong by checking out one of the Black Diamond headlamps listed above.

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