The Best Head Torch for Adventure Racing – The Petzl Swift RL Head Torch

Adventure racing at night or early morning is a great activity as it makes you indulge in a variety of sports in a short space of time. As you get to enjoy the quiet time that comes with adventure racing, you sometimes need a head torch with you as the weather can suddenly change on you.

The plus side to adventure racing is that it helps keeps you fit, healthy, and also gives you time to unwind.

So if you’re someone that enjoys such activities, you need a head torch that is practical, will illuminate your way efficiently and stay dry when caught out in the rain.

The Petzl Swift RL head torch (See Price on Amazon, See Price on Go Outdoors) is one of the great outdoor head torches from Petzl that can be used and is recommended for adventure racing.

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The review below discusses some of the settings that you get with the Swift RL head torch, the key features, its pros and cons to discover why it is one of the best options to have with you when adventure racing. And if you should add it to your shopping list?

To get the aesthetics out the way, this head torch is available in colours ranging from orange to black and blue versions, so you can choose the colour that appeals to you.

Settings and Functionality



The Swift RL head torch has 900 lumens brightness, weights a featherweight 100 grams and two light beam modes – a floodlight and a spotlight. You have a choice of using the floodlight beam on its own or blend it with the spotlight for excellent lighting options.

The Petzl head torch comes with a reactive lighting technology that uses a sensor to analyse the ambient light and automatically adjust the brightness to the user requirements.


The Swift RL battery has 2350 mAh capacity and weighs 50 grams on its own. Charging the head torch is done through a USB charging port. From zilch to fully charged takes approximately 6 hours.

When charging, the charging indicator light glows red, and when fully charged, it glows green. The battery is removable and is located to the rear of the unit. The head torch also has an option to keep an additional spare battery to increase the burn-time.

Keeping an eye on your battery life is also easy, as the battery has a five-level gauge that allows you to monitor the battery charge level. There is also a low battery indicator to alert you when the charge is too low and a recharge is needed. It is worth knowing that while you can also charge the head torch with a power bank, it can’t be done while using the head torch.


Operating the Petzl Swift RL head torch is pretty easy as it uses a single switch-on button. To switch the head torch on, the button only needs to be pressed once. Continued button pressing allows you to change brightness levels (max burn time, standard, and, max power). Switching from reactive mode to standard lighting mode only requires a long press on the button.

Sliding the button to the side allows you to lock the head torch to avoid battery drain if you have the head torch in your backpack or pocket.

Adjustable Strap and Lightweight

The strap of the Swift RL head torch is adjustable, thick, and steady, allowing the user to secure it correctly on to the hat. The head torch is lightweight, and the adjustable strap ensures it remains stable when wearing it. This helps prevent the head torch from moving or falling off while you run, cycle or venture into the water. If you have a large helmet on, the head torch can also be worn around your neck.

Quality Construction

Petzl manufactures durable outdoor products that are great tools to have with you in the event of an unpredictable incident. The Swift RL head torch is made of hard plastic that is strong enough to handle simple falls.

As long as you don’t plan on hurtling down a steep crevice while adventure racing, this head torch will give you a sufficient amount of light. It is also has a waterproof rating of IPX4, allowing you to remain outdoors irrespective of the weather or sport you are involved in.

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Key Features

  • Lithium-ion 2350 mAH battery
  • Reflective 2-part detachable
  • 900 lumens weighing only 100g
  • Lock function preventing battery drain
  • IPX4 weather resistance
  • Five – level battery gauge


  • Ultra-bright and lightweight enough to remain on your head without being too heavy.
  • Two beam patterns giving light for close vision, movement and distance vision.
  • Adjustable headband to allow different head sizes.
  • Lock functions to avoid accidental battery drain.
  • Affordable price compared to its high-end competitors.
  • Allows for a spare battery to help extend your adventurous activities, ensuring they are not cut short.


  • The water-resistance could be a smidge better as this Petzl Pixa head torch is IP67 rated meaning it can be dropped into a body of water up to a metre deep for half an hour.
  • Only charges through a USB connection

Final Thoughts

The Swift RL torch is designed with the needs of the user in mind. It has features that give you quality services to ensure you have great outdoor experiences. It has a battery that lasts long and an option for a spare battery to increase burn-time.

The options for customising light settings when racing at night enable you to have an excellent view of where you are going. It is stable, durable, and the headband is adjustable to fit your hat correctly.

If you are a person who enjoys adventure racing at night or early morning, then the Petzl Swift RL head torch will be a prudent choice for you.

If you do not like this torch, below are some alternative head torches you should consider when going adventure racing.

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PETZL Swift RL Headlamp


Powered by one 18650 Li-ion battery or two CR123A batteries


5 Brightness Levels


Tough Aluminium Unibody


Ideal for Adventure Racing