Best Head Torch for Close Work – LED Lenser MH-10 Head Torch

Best Head Torch for Close Work— The LED Lenser MH-10 Rechargeable Head Torch

Sometimes you have to work at night, and you may need to use a head torch for close work, that will allow you to work safely at close range. A decent head torch will be suitable to light up your work station, leaving your hands free so you can concentrate on what you are doing.

Best Head Torch for Close Work


Night activities that rely on focus and concentration such as rock climbing, hiking, camping, working in a mine or working in a workshop all require ample light. You should have a head torch that will illuminate your area at close range so that you skillfully perform those activities.

As such, choosing the right head torch is essential for safe close work. In my years using hundreds of head torches, I have found the LED Lenser MH-10 head torch (Click for Price with Go Outdoors UK) to be the most useful and practical option.

Below I will discuss some of the major features and key advantages to using this head torch. I’ll also be discussing the settings,  pros and cons as well as the key features that set it apart from other head torches.

Well, if you need to do any type of close work or night activities that mean you need quality lighting, then keep reading to find out why this head torch is the most suitable choice for your close work needs.

Settings and Main Features of LED Lenser MH-10

LED Lenser MH-10 Rechargeable Head Torch


Using the LED Lenser MH-10 is really easy, it operates with a single button located on top of the unit and a large round knob. The switch-on button enables anyone using it to switch between three selectable modes.

This helps to control the light output from high power, medium, and lower power light modes. The switch is also perfectly located for easy access if you’re wearing gloves and need to keep your hands warm.


The LED Lenser MH-10 head torch comes with a rechargeable L-ion (18650) 3.7V battery. It can be recharged using USB 3.0 cable. And it only needs about 3 hours to charge up to 80% a full charge can be achieved within 4 hours.

Once fully charged, the battery in the head torch will last up to 120 hours (about a week) on low power and up to 10 hours (half a day) at maximum power. The battery compartment is to the rear and is connected to the LED at the front by a short cable. It comes with a moulded shape that helps it fit seamlessly to the back of your head or helmet.

For extra burn-time, you have the option to buy a spare battery, allowing you to get on with your other activities without worrying about the battery completely dying out on you.

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Advanced Focus System Optics

The LED Lenser MH-10 head torch is engineered in conjunction with Ledlenser’s PRO-Team of Outdoor Ambassadors to be simple and perform efficiently in the field. It offers a bright light with its 600 lumens bulb.

It is also equipped with Ledlenser’s ‘Advanced Focus System’ optics that the user can activate with a simple turn of the silver front ring, to focus the light into a spot beam for distance illumination or flood beam for near illumination.

You can tilt the head torch within an angle of 65 degrees to lower the beam light for a close view.

Other Features

As far as water protection goes, the MH-10 has an IPX4 rating. This makes it the perfect head torch to have when working outdoors on a rainy day. It comes with two colour filters (red and green) to change the light colour and a rear red light that increases visibility.

One of the more outstanding features is that this head torch comes with a transport lock to prevent accidental battery drain when the head torch is in the backpack or pocket.

This head torch has a firm and comfortable fit, made to suit multiple head sizes. The headband is adjustable allowing users to alter the tightness of the head torch on the head, preventing it from falling or rotating. This helps keep it steady, enabling you to perform your activities conveniently.

Key features

  • Rechargeable LI-ION (18650) 3.7V battery
  • USB 3.0 recharging cable
  • Smart light technology two-mode light selection
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Two colour filters
  • Product weight – 264 grams
  • Advanced focus system optics
  • Low battery warning system.



Final thoughts

The LED Lenser MH-10 head torch (Click for Price with Go Outdoors UK) is an excellent head torch for close work. It comes with a brighter light and a long-lasting battery for extended use. It illuminates your area well, has settings that are easy to use, and the features are excellent for close-range activities.

Although it has a few disadvantages such as its weight, the advantages outweigh them. The head torch is affordable and has a 7-year warranty. The construction material is durable and built to withstand extreme weather condition. If you need a powerful head torch to light your night activities at close range, the MH-10 head torch is your best choice.

If you don’t like MH-10 head torch and would prefer a different option, then the Biolite and Omeril are two other highly rated brands that deliver great head torches for close work.

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