Best Head Torch for Hard Hat – The LED Lenser LED7298 H7R.2 Head Torch

Using a head torch and a hard hat is essential PPE to safely work at night. These two items are two basic must-haves that I have with me each time I go down a tunnel for track and signal inspections. That, my hi-vis jacket and a pair of sturdy boots are all I need to ensure I can see and be head torch for hard hat

If you enjoy taking night walks, cycling, outdoor activities, early morning runs or like me – just work in dark environments; then you need extra brightness that will properly illuminate your surroundings. Excellent lighting and ensuring you can see everything around you helps protect you from injuries that may be caused by poor lighting.

As such, you should get yourself a head torch for your hard hat that fits perfectly, remains bright for extended periods and doesn’t fall off each time you bend over. The head torch that I use for my hard hat is the LED Lenser LED7298 H7R.2 (with over 2,000 user reviews). It has never failed me when on track walks and I have often found that if I am in a group, my head torch is often the brightest.

Below I’ll detail all you need to know about this head torch, discuss its functionality, the key features, its pros, and cons. The information will help you make a prudent choice when buying a head torch for your head hat so that you can enjoy your night outdoor activities with efficient lighting.

Settings and Functionality

With many different head torches in the market today, it can be challenging to get the right one for your needs. However, what sets them apart is setting and different function built in them. The settings make them suitable for different situations.

Ledlenser Optimised Lumen

The Ledlenser H7R.2 rechargeable headlamp is an upgrade of the H7R. It is smarter, brighter, more comfortable, and more durable than the previous model. It has up to 300-lumen output on boost mode combined with up to 60 hours burn time on low power (20 lumens).

It uses the latest CREE LED light chips which ensure you get optimised light output. The H7R.2 lenses are configured to deliver a wider angle of the beam to light up your area correctly.

Advanced Focusing Optics

LEDLenser, the manufacturer of the H7R.2, has a goal. To ensure you get maximum light from this head torch and that is why they have equipped the H7R.2 with ‘Advanced Focus System‘ optics that enables the user to alter the light beam seamlessly. The focus system optic has a highly focused ‘spot’ beam for distance illumination, and with a slight twist of the torch’s head, you get the ‘flood’ beam for near illumination.

Smart Light Technology

The H7R.2 has a micro-chip controlled light technology that allows the user to select between two energy usage modes that have five light options (high power, low power, boost, dim, and signal).

All these options are allowed by a new dynamic wheel which with a simple click will give the options you need. It also provides two red backlight options for extra safety.

Battery and Headband

The H7R.2 uses a single Li-ion battery and is charged via the supplied USB charging cable. You can remove the battery and fit 4 x AAA batteries for ultimate flexibility. The light head compartment and the battery pack are designed to fit around all head shapes perfectly and comfortably.

The headband is twin-forked and adjustable so that it can be altered for firm-secure fit to the hard hat.

Other Features

The headlamp is equipped with a transport lock to avoid accidental battery drain, a low battery warning light, superior robust cabling, and upgraded light tilt mechanism. All these are additional features that allow you to use the head torch for excellent lighting.

Key Features

  • Powerful 300 lumens and 160m beam range. To put it into context, that is about half a train length.
  • Advanced focusing optics are great to have when trying to quickly identify something up ahead.
  • Micro-chip controlled light technology helps your eyes adjust to the brightness when you first switch the head torch on.
  • Three pre-set programs all with varying luminosity. It may seem obvious, but it is worth noting that the battery life lasts a lot longer on the lowest mode.
  • Multi-function dimmer wheel


  • The durable and sturdy design help make sure that on the off-chance that it falls and lands on a hard surface, it’ll still work.
  • Adjustable headlamp straps help lock in the head torch to your hard hat, irrespective of your head size.
  • Low battery warning. This for me is a nice to have, as I am in the habit of topping up the charge on mine so never have got this warning
  • If you there’s a chance you’ll chuck this head torch in your bag, then the transport lock helps avoid accidental battery drain.


  • The instruction guide could be better and I have heard some describe it as downright complicated. But then I fix my IKEA purchases without reading the manual so I found the guide straightforward. (The video below shows some of the basics.)


Final thoughts

There are a lot of head torches for hard hats in the market today, and it is quite challenging trying to choose the best one. For a head torch that delivers on quality, there are a number of factors that you should consider; it should have a sturdy and durable frame, the battery should be long-lasting for efficiency and it should be bright enough to help you see and be seen.

Also, it should have an adjustable light beam to offer different options to different users. Working in dark places or indulging in outdoor activities at night should not be limited by poor lighting, and that is why the LEDLenser LED7298 H7R.2 head torch is a great option for your hard hat.

The LED7298 H7R.2 head torch will light up your area well and also will not die on you without warning. It is also an excellent fit for hard hats. It is adjustable, steady, and durable.

Make a prudent choice by checking out the over 2,000 user reviews on the LEDLenser LED7298 H7R.2 head torch as it has features and settings that will ensure you get the maximum benefits from it. The Ledlenser head torch is engineered with precision to deliver a steady light and fit your hard hat nicely.

If you would like to compare the LEDLenser H7R.2 head torch with other suitable head torches, then you should check out some of the user reviews on the head torches below.