Alien Scout High-End Head Torch Review

For years, head torches and headlamps have been in demand for many obvious reasons. Choosing the right one to use at a particular point in time is the hard bit as there is a raft of features to sift through, like (but not limited to) durability, luminosity and brightness, low battery life and a lot more.

Alien Scout is a name to look out for when searching for a head torch that can really help you get rid of the little but significant issues you face while using a head torch. This ultra bright head torch by Alien Scout has got all the capabilities and features one can desire from a headlamp.


One of the most important aspects to check for when researching a head lamp is the brightness. This head torch by Alien scout comes with a 168 LUMENS ultra-bright LED that can reach up to 110 metres. This allows it work best for activities like camping, hiking, dog walking, running or any other that needs to be done in the dark. 

Another feature of the Alien Scout head torch is that it is shock proof and can be used on a portable hard hat to work at heights. It can also operate at a number of different modes, .allowing you choose between the different light modes and use it accordingly.

The brightness modes include the following;

  • At high mode – it brightens up the space with 168 lumens power.
  • At medium mode – it brightens up the space with 75 lumens power.
  • At low mode – it brightens up the space with 10 lumens power.
  • At SOS mode – it brightens up the space with 17 lumens power.
  • It also has a red light high mode for red night vision and safety, allowing a beam of up to 80 metres.


When talking about the AAA batteries that come with this Alien Scout head lamp, they are quite impressive as they last between 30 hours to 120 hours depending on the mode that the lamp is in. It has slots for 3 powerful and high quality AAA alkaline batteries that come with the packaging.

Quality-wise, this head torch is impressive as despite the affordable cost, there is no compromise on quality. It comes with additional features such as being shock proof and IPX6 water resistant rated. The head band can be adjusted to fit a different size heads and sits comfortably when fitted.


Talking about the accessories, this high quality head torch comes with a very unique and beautiful looking hard case with a mesh pocket inside of it, making it very convenient to store the head lamp and batteries safely while travelling. The hard case is also additional protection for the head torch in caste it drops, as it serves as additional protection. It also has a carabiner that can help you with hanging this torch with your belt, backpack or anywhere else.

In terms of weight, this premium head torch from Alien scout is really lightweight when worn on the head. It only weighs 90 grams with batteries inserted into it. Equivalent to half a bottle of spice. The fact that this head lamp can be adapted to light up angles of up to 70 degrees makes it even more effective and convenient. The single strap of this headlamp is easy to use and user-friendly as it adjusts with almost any head size.

Alien Scout also provides a 5 year warranty to buyers of this head torch, extra proof to its quality, durability and performance. it also come with a 30 days money back guarantee which means that after buying this product, consumers have time to really test the head lamp before deciding on whether to keep it or not. 



Overall, the Alien scout head torch is really a great combination of quality, durability and effectiveness. As compared to the options available in the market, this head lamp is surely the thing to choose for all the good reasons. The Alien scout head lamp is highly recommended in terms of quality, price, usability, and convenience.