Best Headlamp For Construction

If you work in building construction, rail construction or any other area of construction where light is essential to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, then getting what is widely considered to be the best headlamp for construction means you definitely do not have to perform your job or task in low light or in the dark.

Most people in the construction industry who work under low-light conditions understand that worker safety is essential. Your ability to avoid accidents, fatal or minor, is largely dependent on your ability to see everywhere around you. This means that you always need a reliable light source and headlamps are the way to go.

Some basic rules of safety when working in construction include the following;

  • Wear a headlamp and your PPE at all times.
  • Do not start work without being familiarised.
  • Keep a neat, tidy site.
  • Do not put yourself or others at risk.
  • Follow safety signs, procedures and evacuation protocol.
  • ALways refuse to work in unsafe areas with inadequate light.
  • Report defects and near misses.

Headlamps help you see and be seen as they are head-mounted flashlights that give you a good amount of illumination without the use of your hands to increase work efficiency. They are effective because they can be adjusted to any angle or level of brightness that is suitable to your needs.

Best Headlamp For Construction

Headlamps are designed to leave your hands free which is useful in workplaces where both hands are required to get jobs done and sticking a small torchlight in your mouth is not an alternative neither is it ideal, don’t you think?

Features a Construction Headlamp Should Have

A good number of headlamps nowadays are also weatherproof which means they can easily be used for any outdoor activity without being afraid of any downturns in the weather. Headlamps are not just dependable, but they are also durable, sturdy and versatile.

There are different types of headlamps that work adequately for specific professions. There are head torches specific to firefighters, head torches for electricians, mechanics, mine workers, oil rig workers and of course, construction site workers.

The main focus of this article is a head torch that will work best for construction workers, so that’s where we’ll focus.

  • The headlamps to be used on a construction site needs to fit snugly around the rim of a helmet. This is often because most contractors are not permitted entrance into the worksite if they fail to wear one.
  • The head torches do not necessarily need to be all that bright due to the fact that there most likely will be some built-in light around the worksite (so anything between 20 and 100 lumens is enough).
  • The headlamp is only there for examining minor details, reading construction plans and improving visibility.

While there are a number of headlamps that work well in construction environments, I’ll focus this on one I’ve used and tested in the past.

Petzl Pixa 2 Head Torch.

The Petzl Pixa 2 headlamp is a good as they come. With its 80 lumens max and a shock and pressure resistance of 80kg, the PIXA 2 offers the user perfect lighting solution, enabling them to work comfortably on close-range tasks and also very useful in allowing you walk around safely.

The PIXA 2 headlamp offers a large number of pro specifications which sets it aside as perhaps, the best headlamp for construction. As you keep reading, you will find out more about these specs are.

My favourite feature about the PIXA 2 headlamp is that built is built for convenience and has flexible utility, in that it can be worn on the head with the headband, attached to the helmet with a mounting plate (included) or placed on the ground, depending on the need.

Petzl Pixa 2 Head Torch – Light Modes

The Petzl Pixa 2 head torch has a number of different light modes that can be used in different situations.

  • Low mode for close-range work
  • Constant Lighting technology ensures brightness that does not gradually decrease as the battery drains.
  • A mixed beam delivers a wide, uniform floodlight illuminating everywhere in your peripheral vision.
  • A high mode for moving around and navigating potential hazards – It automatically switches to reserve mode signalling a low battery.

Weighing 160g, this remarkable headlamp is lightweight enough, so that using it for work purposes will not be difficult or stressful for you. The good thing is that unlike heavier head torches, this will not leave you with a headache or neck ache after wearing it for a shift.

Other Outstanding Features

The PIXA 2 is powered using AA batteries and is safe to use in any environment including in hazardous locations. One of its main outstanding features is the Petzl Pixa 2 may be used in explosive atmospheres (ATEX: Zone 2/22).

It is water-resistant (though it is not dive rated) which ensures that the light never goes out even in the rain and it is also chemical resistant.

It also has impressive resistance to falls, impacts, and drops from height, hence its durability. So if the head torch gets knocked off your head and drops from a high level, there’s a high chance you’ll just need to dust it off to get it working again.


That being said, here are some specific things I absolutely love when it comes to the Petzl Pixa 2 Head Torch:

  • The reserve mode feature that turns on automatically when the battery has drained which enables the headlamp to last a lot longer, delivering a steady amount of light.
  • Its resistance to chemicals and explosive environments.
  • The IP67 waterproof rated feature. Making it easy to use in bad weather conditions or a sudden downpour.
  • Different lighting modes that adapt to varied situations – low mode for short-range work, mid-range and high mode for safely moving between locations.
  • The fact that it can be worn as the user prefers, either on the head with its headband, or worn over a hard hat.


With all that said, there is one disadvantage that is worth noting when looking at this headlamp. It does not come with rechargeable batteries included.

While the PIXA 2 boasts of several good qualities, the fact that the battery has to be replaced each time it runs down is a minor headache for me. Having a rechargeable battery would have made the product more convenient to use and more cost-effective in the long term.

Some other head torches that are worth looking at include the following;

Final thoughts

If you want a headlamp for construction that is durable, waterproof and can survive drops from height, then you can’t go wrong with the Petzl Pixa 2 head torch.